Intex Queen Raised Downy Airbed with Built in Pump

Intex Queen Raised Downy Airbed
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Intex Queen Raised Downy Airbed Review

Welcome to our review of the Intex Queen Raised Downy Airbed.

Intex is a leader is the air mattress industry. In this review, I will focus on their Queen Downy Raised Air Mattress. I will look at the features of the Intex Queen Down Raised Airbed, compare reviews by real customers, discuss any negative reviews and features, and give my overall recommendation.

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Intex Queen Downy Airbed Description & Features

The ease of a transportable air mattress together with the level of comfort of resting on an elevated bed. Lush, water-proof flocking covers the air mattress top for a lavish feel to deliver a comfortable night's rest. An indent on the side assists proper grip fitted linens.

The airbed is elevated measuring roughly 22" from the floor.  It is a queen sized mattress measuring 60" x 80". The bed is constructed using two chambers.  The upper chambers is the air mattress.  The bottom chamber acts as the box spring.

The mattress comes with a built-in airpump allowing for easy inflation and deflation (approximatelyl 5 minutes from empty to full).  Includes duffle bag for storage and travel.  Deflates fully.



  • Elevated queen inflatable air mattress with double chamber design
  • Brings together ease of transportable air bed with comfort associated with elevated platform
  • Built in pump for effortless inflation and deflation.
  • Bottom chamber performs as box spring to give firmness and support
  • Water-proof top; measures 60 x 22 x 80 inches 600-pound capacity


I have owned two Intex Elevated Down Air Mattresses and have had mixed results.   The first one I purchased worked great. We used it on countless camping trips (although it's designed for indoor use) The built in pump allows for quick inflation and it deflates completely making it easy to transport. That and the inexpensive cost made it perfect to use in our tent.   We have been using the mattress for over two years now and had to only patch it a couple of times.  Other than that, it's a good mattress for temporary situations.

I purchased another for my son to use and have not had the same level of success.  It just won't hold air for long periods of time.  I am unable to locate any leaks, but after a night's sleep the mattress loses about 20% of its air. 

Other customer reviews of this product seem to reflect the same findings as I have had.  Some report no problems at all while others find the mattress unusable.

Sample Customer Reviews

As mentioned above, the customer reviews of the Intex Queen Raised Downy Airbed are a mixed bag.

Positive Customer Reviews

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to spend under 70 dollars and get a quality product. I was very surprised how well it did considering it was supporting my 280 pound friend and his girlfriend for 3 nights. I've heard some mixed reviews for this product but its either I spend 70 bucks on this or the 200+ dollars to purchase a name brand which is probably made with the same standards. If you just need a back up bed for guests I highly recommend purchasing the Intex airbed.
-- Ryan
I understand on the package the air mattress is designed for interior use however we just got back again from outdoor camping and I experienced the two best nights of rest in a camping tent thet I have ever had before.I would recommend this air mattress to everyone. This may also come in good use whenever you have guests.Really simple to blow up and to take down. Im planning to purchase an additional one.
-- Robert G.

Negative Customer Reviews

The Intex Queen Raised Downy Airbed has it's fair share of negative reviews.

The first night I slept on this mattress it lost at least 40 percent of the air. The quality and comfort of the mattress is great. But the airbed does not hold air which is what I need it to do.
-- Barbara B.
Our elevated queen airbed was purchased in Apr 2008. As talked about in numerous reviews before, it inflates up flawlessly... but that is the only thing functioning correctly.  In the process of resting on it, it deflates (without having punctures). We ended up not being able to sleep a single evening on it!
-- Barbara B.


Based on my own personal experiences and reviews by other real customer collected from sites around the web, I can only give the Intex Elevated Downy Airbed 3 out of 5 stars.   You may be better off purchasing a bed that costs a few more dollars and comes with a guarantee in case you get one that leaks. 

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