Miele Earth Canister Vacuum S5481

miele earth review
Miele Earth S5481
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Miele Earth Vacuum Review

miele earth vacuum review

Welcome to our review and description of the Miele S5481 Earth Canister Vacuum Cleaner.

Miele, a German manufacturer, produces vacuums known for their outstanding performance and design. 

In this review, we will be taking a look at the popular Miele S5481 Earth Vacuum.  How does the Miele Earth compare to other S5 models? What features make the Miele S5481 Earth vacuum unique? These answers, along with real customer reviews of this model, can be found below. 

Miele S5481 Earth Vacuum Cleaner Description

miele s5 earth review

The many Miele models look an awful lot alike at first glance and the models numbers all appear to be similar, so trying to determine which Miele model is best for you can be a frustrating experience. 

The main feature that sets the Miele Earth S5481 vacuum apart from the other vacuums in the S5 galaxy series is a great automatic power feature.  The Miele Earth will automatically adjust the power settings based on the type of surface you are vacuuming. A great time saver and very useful addition.

The features you will need to compare when shopping for a Miele vacuum cleaner are the type of controls the vacuum comes equipped with (these can be dial controls, handle controls, or step controls), and the type of floor tools that it comes with out of the box.

The Miele Earth comes with Step Controls and the SEB217 Electric Floor Tool. For the most part, the main difference in the S5 models are the controls.  You will need to decide if step controls fit you better than the dial or handle controls.  Most S5 models can use any of the power tools.  For example, you can always upgrade the SEB217 Electric Floor Tool to the SEB236 and it also accept other powered floor tools by Miele.



  • Electric Floor Tool SEB217
  • Parkett Floor Tool
  • Vortex Motor, 1200 watts worth of power
  • Auto adjusting power setting
  • Natural bristle dusting brush
  • Upholstry nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • (1) Active HEPA Filter
  • Electric Telescopic Wand
  • Dustbag change indicator

Miele Earth Reviews

Reviews of the Miele Earth Canister Vacuum by actual Miele Earth customers have been as about as good as they get.

Sample Customer Reviews

Positive Customer Reviews

I absolutely love the automatic setting for power.  Never do you have to concern yourself with setting the correct power level. I've never used a vacuum with so much suction that makes so little noise.  Awesome.
-- Rich

I love owning an eco friendly vacuum.  It works great, it's quiet, love the auto power, and the fact that the Miele Earth saves energy and lasts forever sold it for me.  Throwing away vacuums every year is terrible for the enviornment.
-- Michelle

Negative Customer Reviews

We haven't been able to locate any negative reviews of the Miele Earth yet.  However, one recurring negative review of Miele vacuums is the length of their cords, which only give a radius of around 30 feet for cleaning.  We will add any negative reviews of the Miele Earth here once we find any. 

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The Miele Earth S5481 Vacuum Cleaner is an outstanding cleaning machine and is perfect for anybody looking for a long lasting, powerful, top of line vacuum cleaner.