AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids

AeroBed Kids Air Mattress
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Aerobed Raised Air Mattress

Welcome to our review of the Aerobed for Kids Sleepaway Bed.

Aerobed is known as one of the top manufacturers of air mattresses. In this review, I will look at their air mattress for kids, the Aerobed for Kids Sleepaway Bed.  I will start by previewing the features of the Aerobed Air Mattress for Kids, compare actual customer reviews of the Aerobed for kids, point out any negative reviews of this bed, and provide my overall recommendation.

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Aerobed Air Mattress for Kids Description & Features

The AeroBed Sleep Away Bed is is easily transportable and compact air mattress for kids.  Perfect for travelling and vacations with young children. This air mattress for kids features a large 50" by 25" sleeping area with a four-inch that surround the mattress to prevent children from rolling out of the mattress. The Aerobed Air Mattress of kids has a highly effective built-in electric powered pump motor for quick, effortless inflation. Just start the pump and watch as the AeroBed air mattress for kids inflates magically in front of your eyes.  Your kids will love it. This AeroBed is crafted of long lasting, heavy-duty vinyl fabric with welded seems designed to stand up to years of use. Whenever it's time to store the bed, simply open the patented Air Release Valve and the AeroBed air mattress for kids deflates in less than 15 seconds flat.


  • Sleeping area: 50 x 25 inches; 4-inch surround safety rail and cushion
  • Blow up air mattress for kids
  • Designed of heavy duty PVC material
  • Electric Pump inflates the bed in less than 60 seconds; deflates in less than 15 seconds
  • Contains heavy, cleanable, fitted air mattress sleeping pad with moon and star design


I purchased the Aerobed for Kids for my 3-year old niece to sleep on while at our cabin and it has been a pleasant surprise.  She is three years old and absolutely loves sleeping on it.  We've had it now for close to a year now and she has used it on at least six different occassions.  It blows up in less than a minute with included electric pump and deflates just as quickly.  There are other air mattresses that can be used for kids, but what I really like about this one is the including safely railing which helps prevent sleeping children from rolling out.   We have had no problems with it losing air overnight.

Sample Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of the Aerobed for Kids are oustanding.

Positive Customer Reviews

We purchased this particular air mattress for our two yr old little girl after she had grown out of her pack-n-play. I compared this to the Travel Trundle and Ready Bed. The Aerobed for kids is simply the best of any product I looked at. It is extremely well designed and is very, very easy to operate. It blows up in less than 60 seconds and deflates just as fast. Once the air is removed you merely roll it up and put it in the included travel bag - it's REALLY easy! This is genuinely one of those items that has entirely lived up to my expectations. Certainly some thing we would buy yet all over again as we use it all the time in our travels.
-- B.M.
The air mattress for kids (or trampoline, as my girl favors to take care of it) has already been on numerous excursions and has taken quite a whipping. It still blows up swiftly and retains the air right up until we choose to deflate it.. It is really worth the cost.
-- Jason B.

Negative Customer Reviews

The negative reviews of the Aerobed for Kids have to do with it being noisy.   The one we use rests on a carpet in our cabin and we have not noticed anything out of the ordinary.  But please take this into account before purchasing.

Each and every tiny motion can be heard from bedrooms away. We haved owned a number of additional aerobeds and this particular model is really loud.
-- Nancy P.


My niece loves it and it has great customer reviews, so if you're looking for a quality air mattress for kids, I give the Aerobed for Kids one of my highest recommendations.  I have used regular air mattresses with children in the past, but if you're specifically looking for an air mattress for kids, this model is a great choice.