Table Saw Reviews

Table Saw Reviews

For anyone that works with wood on any regular basis, a table saw is an absolute must-have. It wasn't all too long ago that a good table saw was too expensive for the average home workshop or even for small contractors or construction business owners needing a portable table saw solution. This is not the case anymore.  In fact today there are a variety of affordable, high quality table saw models from number of manufacturers that offer high level performance and receive good reviews from actual owners and users.

On this site, we will be providing table saw reviews, ratings, information, and best prices for a variety of different table saws.  We'll look at benchtop table saws, cabinet table saws, contractor table saws, hybrid table saws, as well as table saws for contractors and table saws for home workshops.


Exactly what is a table saw?

A table saw is a multipurpose wood working tool that includes a circular saw blade, attached to an arbor, which is powered by means of an electrical motor. The saw blade extends through a slot on the work surface of a table, which gives support and guidance for the wood or other material needing to be cut.

Today's table saws allow for adjustment of the cut depth by manually moving the actual blade up or down depending on your needs. In the early days, the blade and arbor were set in a fixed position and adjusting the cut depth required moving the table up or down depending on how much saw blade to expose. Table saws also allow you to create angled cuts by adjusting the angle of the saw blade.

Here at Table Saw Reviews, we hope to provide you with all the information you need to make the best buying decision possible when it comes to your next table saw.