Air Mattress Reviews

As a long time camper and fisherman and owner of a cabin and rental property, I have purchased and used a variety of different air mattresses over the past 15 years. Let me tell you, finding the perfect air mattress that combines both comfort and durability can be difficult. Here at Air Mattress Reviews, you can find reviews, articles, and comparisons of a variety of different styles and sizes of air mattresses from the top suppliers and manufacturers.

Top Air Mattress Suppliers

Currently, the top manufacturers of air mattresses are companies such as Aerobed, Coleman, Intex, Wenzel, and Simmons. Here at Air Mattress Reviews, I will be exploring and reviewing air mattresses from many of these top manufacturers.

Does Size Matter?

Air mattresses come in sizes similar to regular spring mattresses. You can choose between twin, full, queen, and king size air mattresses. Sizes can vary slightly between manufacturers, so be sure to check the dimensions to make sure the air mattress will be both comfortable for the person using it and able to easily fit into the space that it will be used. Our Air Mattress Reviews include size information to help you choose the air mattress best for your particular needs.

Additional Features?

Some air mattresses, like regular mattresses, come with additional features to add to the comfort level or ease of use. For example, some come equipped with pumps to allow for easy inflation. Others include adjustments that allow you to control the firmness level of the mattress. Others include carry bags, alarm clocks, and other useful bells and whistles. Obviously, the more features the mattress includes the higher the cost tends to be. Our Air Mattress Reviews will discuss these features and whether they are worth any extra cost.

Choosing the best air mattress can sometimes seem like a shot in the dark with the variety of styles of manufacturers available. My goal is to make your decision easier by providing clear information on each of the air mattress styles available. Our air mattress reviews contain information on the manufacturer, the size of the mattress, available features, and reviews from actual customers.