AeroBed Raised Explorer Bed Air Mattress

AeroBed Raised Explorer Air Mattress
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Aerobed Raised Air Mattress

Welcome to our review of the Aerobed Raised Explorer Airbed.

Aerobed is a premier manufacturer of airbeds and mattresses. In this review, I will focus on their Aerobed Raised Explorer Airbed.  I will look at the features of the Aerobed Raised Explorer Air Mattress, compare actual customer reviews of this model, talk about any negative comments or reviews, and provide my overall rating and recommendation for this product.

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Aerobed Explorer Airbed Description & Features

Looking for a reliable air mattress for camping or at home? Head into the woods with the knowledge that you're going to get a good night's sleep with the Aerobed Raised Explorer air mattress.  The 14" mattress height makes getting in and out of the airbed very easy. The bed comes with a built-in pump that doubles as a flashlight allowing for quick inflation and the ability to locate things in the dark. The pump will inflate the bed in less than 2 1/2 minutes and runs on 8 C-cell batteries or with a DC adapter.


  • Twin or Queen size elevated inflatable air bed with flashlight pump
  • Heavy-duty design with reinforced stitches and plush exterior
  • Internal coil framework offers superb support which contours to the body
  • Dual-purpose flashlight pump motor driven by eight C batteries
  • 74"x39"14" inflated
  • Carry bag
  • 2-year warranty


We make use the Aerobed Raised Explorer Airbed as our bed while on camping trips.  We have had our current model for over a year now and have used it countless trips.   The bed inflates extremely fast, holds air for 2-3 nights straight without having to refill with air, and overall has been excellent for us.  The pump can be used with batteries or even better, with the cigarette lighter in your car or truck.   The only downside to this is that there doesn't appear to be any way to use an electrical outlet with the pump.  It's batteries or nothing.  The pump can also be used for rafts and other inflatables.

Sample Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of the Aerobed Explorer are outstanding with almost no negative reviews to be found.

Positive Customer Reviews

I purchased the queen size model of this air mattress and I completely adore it! It's excellent for camping outings and the convenient pump motor which functions on batteries is fantastic when you have got absolutely no place to plug in the pump.  I have hauled this air mattress on numerous camping trips and it has not lost any  air and seems to be keeping up great.
-- S. Dustin
We purchased a queen-sized AeroBed around 12 months ago and it has held up magnificently and is extremely comfy.
-- Sandra Lee

Negative Customer Reviews

As noted above, negative reviews of this air-mattress are hard to find.  The only one I could locate echos my only gripe with this airbed; the pump can only be used with batteries.

This bed is comfy as well as as described. But in some way I missed the fact that there is no way to plug the motor into an electrical outlet. You must either use batteries or a car cigarette lighter to inflate.  Not good when you're using it at home! 
-- M. Kirchner


Based on my personal experience with the Aerobed Explorer Air Mattress on my camping trips and the fact that other customer reviews of this bed are also outstanding, I can easily give this bed my highest recommendation.   The biggest problem with most air mattresses is that they leak air.  We have had no leakage with this model and it comes with a 2 year warranty which is outstanding and will allow you replace the bed if a leak occurs.