DEWALT DW744X 10" Job-Site Table Saw

DEWALT DW744X Table Saw 10 inch
DEWALT DW744X Table Saw 10 inch
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DEWALT DW744X 10-Inch Table Saw Review

Thanks for checking out our review of the DEWALT DW744X 10" Table Saw.  

On this page, we will take a look at features of the DEWALT DW744X 10-inch Table Saw, examine various reviews from people who use this saw on a daily basis, and give an overall rating. 

DEWALT DW744X Table Saw Description & Features

DEWALT makes a number of high quality table saws.  Most popular are three models:  DW745, DW744XRS, and the DW744X (reviewed here).  The 744X models are larger saws and deliver a 24 1/2 rip capacity (compared to a 16 1/2 rip capacity of the DW745).

The DEWALT DW744X Jobsite Table Saw with Max-Rip Capacity comes equipped with a powerful 15 amp motor that can delivery no-load speeds upwards of 3650 rpm.  Fast, no-tool adjustments are made possible by the Site-Pro modulular guarding system.  Clean up is easy with a dust collection port and it comes with a 3 year limited warranty (90 days money back, 1 year free service).


DEWALT DW744X 10" Table Saw Features

  • Site-Pro Modular Guarding System allows for tool free adjustments of the guarding components appropriate for each application
  • Exclusive, telescoping fence delivers 24-1/2-inch rip capacity without sacrificing portability
  • Rack and pinion fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate
  • Features a 15.0 Amp high-torque motor with the power to cut pressure-treated lumber and hardwoods
  • Telescoping fence rails retract to create a small, portable package; On Board Storage provides easy access to the Site-Pro Guarding components and push stick when not in use

DEWALT 10" DW744X Table Saw Review

Sample Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of the DEWALT DW744X Table Saw are mixed with ratings across the board, but 61% of all owners rate this unit as 4 stars or better and 88% give it as least 3 stars.

Positive Customer Reviews

This table saw cuts with ease. Being able to rip up to 24.5 inches has already come in very helpful in the first week of using it.  Cutting plywood is easy even by yourself. Accurate cuts everytime once the gaurd is set up.
-- G.J.
Excellent portable table saw.  This thing is easy to raise, tilt, and lower blade. I utilize it on jobsites daily and in my home workshop. It's definitely not very heavy.  I have hauled it back and forth 100 feet from my worksite to the truck numerous times. I like the sturdy stand.  It's collapses easily and is lightweight.
-- M.D.
Fence design is awesome, all you have to do is scroll to the correct width and the dual track eliminates any unlevelness that you might get with other fences. The blade guard snaps on and off by flipping a simple lever, which makes it easy to remove for certain cuts and then replace for other cuts. It's as easy (and fast) as flipping a light switch. A very handy feature!
-- R.L.

Negative Customer Reviews

Questionable manufacturing quality: The fence and rack-and-pinion mechanism on the first saw were not even close to being adjusted correctly.
-- B.D.
I have owned this saw for 3 years and I have constantly had to make adjustments to the rack and pinion "pillow blocks" that hold the rod, they are nothing but plastic in thin sheet metal and are prone to bending to the point where the fence will be 1/8" off from one end to another.
-- J.H.