Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC25 Animal
Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum
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Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum Review

Welcome to our evaluation and description of the Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum with Ball-Technology.

In this write-up we will take an in-depth look at the features of the DC25 Animal, contrast and compare actual reviews from owners of this vacuum, and provide our overall rating.

Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum Description

vacuum for pet ownersLooking for the best vacuum for pet owners?

Designed with Dyson's unique ball technology, this upright Dyson DC25 Animal effortlessly weaves around obstacles and furnishings for comprehensive vacuuming through the entire home. Forget about missing angles or tedious backwards and forwards cleaning. Dyson's ball technology includes the a highly effective electric motor, resulting in a lower center of gravity for simple moving ability.

Intended for households with dogs, cats, and other pets, the Dyson Animal comes equipped with the Dyson Turbo Tool / Mini Turbine Head. Many consider the turbo tool to be one of Dyson's most useful attachment. It can easily eradicate debris and pet hair from carpets and rugs. The Animal's Mini Turbine Head extensively cleans restricted areas including stairs, furniture, and car interiors.

You will really enjoy the included Telecopic Wand, which can expand up to 16 feet allowing for easy access to drapes, stairs, baseboards, and more.  Featuring Root Cyclone technology, the DC25 Animal using centrifugal force to separate dirt particles from air resulting in powerful cleaning while never losing suction.

HEPA Filter?  The Dyson Animal includes a washable HEPA Filter and is certified to be asthma friendy. 



  • Ball technology for smooth steering
  • Ideal for pet owners;
  • Motor-driven brushbar
  • Telescope Reach wand;
  • Root Cyclone technology
  • HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly;
  • Hhygienic dust bin
  • Measures 12-1/5 by 15-2/5 by 42-2/5 inches
  • 5-year warranty

Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Reviews of the Dyson DC25 Animal have been extremely positive with over 80% of all customers giving this vacuum a rating of 4 or more stars (out of 5).  Nearly 70% rate is a full 5-star vacuum.

Sample Customer Reviews

Positive Customer Reviews

We have 3 large dogs-a German Shepherd, a Lab and a Leonberger. Dog hair gets everywhere. This vacuum picks up everything and makes the carpet look great. I did not think I needed the "ball" but ordered it anyway and I am so glad I did. The ball makes it so easy to manuever.
-- C.

This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I bought this vacuum because it had the mini turbine attachment which is absolutely wonderful for picking up pet hair on the sofas.
-- B.G.

I love this great vacuum cleaner.  It took me a couple minutes to get used to, but once you do it is awesome to use.  Turns on a dime, my house has never been cleaner.
-- R.G.

Negative Customer Reviews

Reviews of the DC25 Animal are extremely positive overall, but there have been some customers who have found faults with this model.

I would not purchase this vacuum unless you have wall to wall carpeting. We only have hardwood floors/ natural stone throughout the house and this vacuum doesn't pick up any food that the children have dropped on the floor.
-- M.V.

I own th Dyson DC25 vacuum and have a number of problems with it. Back peddle malfunctioned, the hose stopped working, the ball jammed etc.
-- S.M.