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Hoover Vacuum Reviews

Welcome to Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Reviews.

The Hoover vacuum is known around the world for it's quality and durability. In fact, for some, the word "hoover" is synonymous for vacuum cleaner. A hoover vacuum is the only kind of vacuum cleaner many people have ever owned, growing up with the Hoover brand and various Hoover slogans for the past 100 years.

With a history dating all the way back to 1906, Hoover can be credited for inventing many of the standard features you find on all vacuum cleaners today. The beater bar, disposable paper bags, self-propelled vacuums, side-mounted hose, and front headlight are all Hoover inventions and standard on many top vacuum cleaners today.

Here at Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Reviews, we will examine, compare, review, and rate a number of popular Hoover vacuums. We will compare their features, look at both positive and negative reviews by real customers, and find best prices and sites with further information and reviews.

Types of Hoover Vacuums

Hoover currently offers three different types of vacuum cleaners for both commercial and residential use.

1) The Hoover Upright

Hoovers popular upright vacuums feature Hoover's "WindTunnel" technology. With many vacuums, the rolling brush and flow of air do not work together properly, causing dirt to remain in the carpet. Hoover WindTunnel technology works by lifting and trapping the dirt and not allowing it to fall back into the carpet or rug. Many Hoover uprights also contain a HEPA filter. Here at Hoover vacuum reviews, we will be looking at many different Hoover upright models.

2. Hoover Canister Vacuums

While not as popular as their upright vacuums with consumers, Hoover's canister vacuums also incorporate WindTunnel technology and offer outstanding performance.

3. Hoover Hard Floor Cleaners

Hoover offers the FloorMate vacuum cleaner designed specifically for hardwood floors and other surfaces such as stone and wood. These vacuums make use of Hoover's SpinScrub rotating brush technology.

No matter what kind of Hoover vacuum you are looking to buy, here at Hoover Vacuum Reviews we hope to give you all the information you need to make an educated and informed buying decision.