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Miele, a German-based manufacturer of high-quality equipment, produces some of the most well regarded vacuums on the market today. Their vacuums feature their proprietary vortex motor that produces outstanding suction and control.

Buying a Miele vacuum can be a confusing process. Many of their models look alike, have similar model numbers, and it can be difficult to know exactly which model is best for you.

Here at Miele Vacuum Cleaner Reviews, we will take an in depth look at a number of different Miele vacuum models, compare reviews by real customers, point out the differences between the various models, and find best prices.

All Miele vacuums share a number of useful features. Each comes equipped with a powerful vortex motor which can be twice as powerful as similarly priced models from their competitors. Another great feature is that while Miele vacuums are extremely powerful, they are also very quiet. Most models also include or have the ability to include a HEPA filter for outstanding filtration.

While some models also include additional useful features or larger bags, where the models differ the most is in the floor tools they come equipped with.

Here's a brief overview of the 5 different tools for Miele vacuums:

1) Combo Tool - Like the name suggests, this tool can be used on combination floors where you might have both hard wood and carpeting.  This tool works best on thin or light carpeting.

2) Parkett Tool - This is the tool for hardwood flooring. 

3) Air Turbobrush STB205 - The powerful Vortex motor produces the suction for this floor tool.  Good for medium to light carpeting.

4) Electric Floor Tool SEB217 - This tool is motor driven allow for extreme deep cleaning of carpeting.  Great for pet hair or heavy carpeting.

5) Electric Floor Tool SEB236 - Similar to the SEB217 but provides an even better cleaning. 

Each vacuum comes with different tools, and your choice of vacuum should be based on the types of carpeting or flooring you have in your home and what tool is best suited to that. 

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